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Long Island, NY                                            June 2016

Cried an ocean for you, and all I got was sand in my shoes.



Long Island, NY                     June 1st, 2016

A Fool For Love:

Sitting on this park bench under the shade of a tree, with a ray of sun peaking through. It is here that I have found myself. A hopeless romantic in her natural habitat. There’s a field of grass before me and it soon meets the water. Boats docked, boats passing through. The essence of the light is heavenly. The grass so green its glowing. The water shimmering as the sun strokes it vastly out at sea. The harbor in its secrets, whispers to the wind. Tucked away in this tiny oasis. And here I sit, gazing upon its beauty. Looking out to the other side where gentle liquid meets the shore again. In the distance, nothing but trees. The coast line is soft. Some sand, some onyx rocks with their arrangement like a mosaic. Piece by piece, fitting in their place. And here I am, on the other side. Wishing I could touch them. Wishing I could stand upon them and breathe. Breathe the air you breathe. I find myself thinking of you again. Wanting so desperately to be a part of your world. But how? I have not a boat, nor is there a bridge. Maybe I’ll swim. So, I begin to trace your footsteps and my feet press onto the grass. As I get close to the shore, I can feel you on my skin. Your kiss on my shoulder, then on my neck. As I reach the edge, I lend out my hand to the breeze. And just as I’m about to touch your face, my toes penetrate the water. Before I know it, my whole being is submerged and I am drowning. It was then that I realized I could have simply walked around the harbor to the other side.





My first spanish song 🙈:

Quiero Amarte:

Quiero amarte para siempre

Como un sunrise después de la noche

Quiero despertar junto a ti

y poner un beso en tus labios

Ése es cómo quiero amarte.

Quiero cogerte de la mano mientras caminamos

por la arena y sentir el océano en mi piel

Quiero oler la brisa del mar

que sopla a través de tu pelo

Voy a cepillar fuera de tu cara para que puedo ver tu sonrisa

Ése cómo quiero amarte.

Quiero amarte para siempre

como las estrellas y la luna entre el cielo

Algún día nos encontraremos cuando dos mundos diferentes se encuentran

Ése es como quiero amarte.

Está en tus ojos, está en mis ojos

Tú quieres amarme, yo quiero amarte.





One day someone will look into my eyes and read what my heart has been dying to say. They will go all the way inside and be content in the silence of my soul.







This song pretty much says it all…





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